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Are you ready to bike across New York State? We are in 2013!

Our goal is to support the education, employment and sporting life of new yorkers with disabilities! The funds raised will support direct Education and Adaptive Sport programs for young people in New York. All while we showcase the accessibility and beauty along the historic Erie Canal.
Beginning June 23, Our Ability will be leading the largest event celebrating the ability of all people with disabilities in New York State!

About the Journey:

Our Ability will ride bikes across New York State! We will start in Buffalo and for 17 days will travel all the way to Albany. We will bike, boat, run and walk across the state. Along the way, thousands of people will join us in support along the journey.
An estimated 2 million people each year are attracted to events along the corridor (Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, Annual Report 2012, Page 2).